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Are you thinking about getting into the food service industry? We are actively interviewing potential partnerships in the all areas. We are actively researching the following areas, Panama City Florida, Texas, Gulf Shores, Denver Colorado, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Bay area.

While open to all viable markets, we are looking for eager, street smart people who understand that teamwork is an essential key to long term success. We have a proven menu that speaks for itself when compared to competitors. We have successfully integrated food trucks into our restaurant operation creating a marketing and catering hit. Freshness is a key to success but it takes much more than that to achieve long term success. We also offer full support during all stages of the process in getting your location staffed, trained and completely open. Your success is our success and no one understands that more than us. It shows in our commitment to training, hands on knowledge and the support we give at all stages. For more information, please contact us by the information below. Again, we are passionate taco lovers and looking for the same.


Tel: 214-682-8225